miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


The house of art was painted by a person of the National Gallery of art in 1831. It shows a young house and in her house he have a extraordinary number of peaces of art. This peaces he represented the family of the past he lives in this house and they have eight person and one sculpture.

It looks as if a person is happy because the person he painted his body and his faces. The thin a big peaces of art around his peaces seems to show that his family is bleeding. The color of the house is yellow the floor and rough the old of the moors and the peaces old he have got different colors of the wold. In this picture I can looked a big door and his color his yellow and he have got a variety of windows he propagate in the door. The sculpture is big and he represented the body of a boy and the color is white.

In the house of art, the painter's expressed the house of peaces because he represented the live of the persons he lives in this house of a variety of ages and the person he painted this peace he express the different family he leaves in this house.